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Infasa Indústria de Farinhas S.A. is in the west of Paraná state and, since its foundation in 2006, it has stood out in the national scene as an important wheat processor. Its logistics are privileged for being close to other producing states and to the borders of Paraguay and Argentina, important wheat suppliers for the Brazilian market.

Its structure allows storage and segregation of 44 thousand tons of wheat, besides a safe and flexible production process, enabling the production of special typified flours, with high-quality standards and a production flow of 530 tons of milling/24h.

The products are tested in experimental bakeries and analyzed in our own Physical-Chemical and Rheological Laboratory, accredited by Inmetro’s General Accreditation Coordination (CGCRE, acronym in Portuguese), working in compliance with the requirements of the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT, acronym in Portuguese), certified by NBR ISO/IEC 17025. Prioritizing quality from raw material origination to delivery, Infasa produces the best products for the best recipes!

Differentials: modern facilities; production excellence; expertise in raw material acquisition; guaranteed origin of the grain; the static storage capacity of 40,000 tons of wheat grains; structure adapted to meet the highest levels of quality and food safety.
Mission: To be nationally recognized as a quality reference in the development and production of flour, generating value for shareholders, with social responsibility and respect for the environment.

Vision: To conquer a position as a reference in quality and technology in its segments of activity.
Values: Production with efficiency; Valuing people; Commitment to the market; Socio-environmental responsibility; Passion for what we do.


Infasa’s Physical-Chemical and Rheological Laboratory has been operating since 2006 meeting the demands of the Wheat Sector. It has a team of highly qualified professionals, allied to the technology in equipment for performing tests with wheat and wheat flour.

Accredited by the CGCRE in 2015, belonging to the Brazilian Network of Test Laboratories (RBLE, acronym in Portuguese), and working according to a Management System in ISO 17025:2005 Laboratories, it ensures not only the reliability of the results but also the solution to your needs with quality and agility.

The technical staff is composed of qualified professionals in their areas of expertise and interest. It counts on constant improvement through training programs, aiming at scientific rigor, ethics, and professional competence. The Laboratory has the best structure and specialization to serve its customers, optimizing their routines through quick and reliable results in the following analyses:


  • Falling-Number;
  • Extensography*;
  • Farinography;
  • Alveography;
  • Gluten;
  • Ash;
  • Color (Minolta);
  • Experimental Grinding*;
  • Hectolitre Weight (PH)*;
  • Moisture;
  • Don*;
  • Universal Moisture;
  • Granulometry*.

Analyses are not part of the accredited scope


  • AACC Method 58-81.03;
  • AACC Method 54-10.01;
  • AACC Method 54-21.02;
  • AACC Method 54-30.02;
  • AACC Method 38-10.01;
  • ICC Method 104/1;
  • AACC Method 14-22.01;
  • AACC Method 26-10.02;
  • AACC Method 55-10.01;
  • AACC Method 44-15.02;
  • AACC Method 45-41.01 Elisa Kit;
  • AACC Method -11.01;
  • AACC Method 66-20.01

Aiming at the constant monitoring of its results, Infasa’s Physical-Chemical and Rheological Laboratory participates regularly in the Proficiency Program offered by Agrária and in the inter-laboratory programs offered by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa, acronym in Portuguese) and by CIPEA.


Margarida Wheat Flour

The Margarida line products are ideal for all culinary purposes. It is the right product for those who are looking for economy, productivity, and practicality in their recipes.

Mona Wheat Flour

With excellent quality, uniformity, and versatility, the Mona line of wheat flour is ideal for all culinary purposes. It is the right product for those looking for productivity and practicality in their recipes. Mona Ready Mix for French Bread is used for short fermentation (3 hours) and other products.

Bonina Wheat Flour

Bonina wheat flours are ideal for all culinary purposes, especially special bread, cakes, and pasta in general. They are products made for those who look for high quality and a lighter color. Bonina’s Premix for French Bread is ideal for long-fermentation bread (10 hours) and ideal for specialty bread and similar products.

Infasa Wheat Flour Industrial Line

Products developed according to the technical specifications required for your product. Infasa’s industrial line is available to meet the highest quality demands of each industrial segment. We have special flour for pasta industries in general, dry, and fresh, flour for bakery, and we also develop products for cookie and cake industries.

Infasa Wheat Flour Professional line

A complete line to meet every need: French bread with long fermentation time (16h) and sweet bread in general; Infasa Specialty Flours for Fresh Pastas, ideal for manufacturing pasta, fresh pasta, and laminated pasta in general, with low ash content that provides a high shelf life.

Infasa Cake Mix

The cake mix has an incomparable flavor and a soft, moist texture. Its easy handling and practicality provide agility in preparation while maintaining high yield and standardization.
Four flavors will conquer your customer’s taste: Orange, Chocolate, Vanilla, and Coconut.


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